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e.l.f Essential Nail Polish Review (Teal Blue)

*** e.l.f. Essentials Nail Polish Teal Blue. Look. At. That. Color. It’s gorgeous, baby! I’m so happy with it – it’s both vibrant and cool, and I’ve got mad googly eyes for it! But the color is not all that I love about. Come see what else!


    Chip resistant
    Long lasting
    Quick drying
    High shine
    Glides on effortlessly
Key Notes
  • Name: e.l.f. Essentials Nail Polish Teal Blue
  • Amount: 0.35oz. or 10 ml
  • What I Paid: $2
  • Other e.l.f. Essentials Nail Polish Collection Colors Available: Clear, White, Pearl, Nude, Pearl Pink, Blush, Champagne, Bubble Gum Pink, Fluorescent Pink, Coral, Mod Mauve, Berry Pink, Royal Purple, Light Red, Medium Red, Mint Cream, Lilac, Desert Haze, Smoky Brown, Innocent, Burgundy, Chocolate, Plum, Dark Navy, Fuchsia, Fire Coral, Hot Pink, Punk Purple, Sunset, Mango Madness, Passion Pink, Purple Pleaser, Rosy Raisin, Red Velvet, Cranberry, Metal Madness, Party Purple, Golden Goddess, Twinkle, Glitter Glam, Purple Dream, Copper, Black, Dark Glitter Purple
  • Where to Buy: e.l.f. website

elf Teal Blue Nail Polish Review

Surrounding yourself with bright colors has a way of picking up your mood, doesn’t it? I was kind of down and wanted to give myself a pick-me-up. The elf Teal Blue nails polish totally did it for me.
I don’t know why it’s called Teal Blue though since it’s not very bluish at all. And even the swatches on the elf site are nowhere near blue! That’s OK for me though since I love greens. But it might throw your expectations off a bit. I would describe it as more teal green with a minty flavor. It totally gives off an 80′s retro vibe for me.

Gloss me up some! e.l.f. Teal Blue’s shines so darn brilliantly. Whenever I move my hand, my nails reflect off the light to catch the eye. It adds such a beautiful interest to the otherwise one-tone cream polish.

Application & Formula
How much is a buck worth? When it comes to elf Essentials Nail Polish in Teal Blue, apparently, it’s worth a lot. I didn’t think a $2 nail polish could give me such great results, but I was proven wrong. The polish goes on smoothly, with a silky consistency that evens itself out on the nail. It’s not clumpy, lumpy or goopy!
You will need 2 coats though, which is pretty standard for me so it’s not a complaint. With the first coat, I noticed there were sheer streaks on my nails. But 2nd coat covers that flaw easily and quickly.
And the dry time? Fast! Even on nails that I thought I applied too thick of a layer, the polish took only a little over 5 minutes to set. Plus, no bubbling at all. I got an even application every single time!

Well, elf claims that it is a long-lasting polish that is chip-resistant. It’s not bad, but it’s not awesome. Honestly, I expected much worse, but I enjoy about the same wearability from this cheapie e.l.f. Teal Blue nail polish as I do from more expensive brands. It lasts about 4 days before I see any wear and tear.

Value & Worth
It’s a dollar. Sometimes cheap products aren’t even worth that dollar. But elf Teal Blue nail lacquer totally does! It is a great color, offers an incredible finish, is super easy to apply, and lasts reasonably well. For. A. Dollar. Can’t beat that!
  • Good consistency
  • Easy to apply
  • Very affordable
  • High-shine finish
  • Infused with vitamin E
  • Free of DBP, formaldehyde, toluene

  • Name is misleading
  • Needs 2 coats

e.l.f. Essential Nail Polish

There Nail Polishes are back in stock and better than ever! Due to the new and improved formulation, the single nail polish price has increased to $2.

This color-lock formula with chip resistant shield gives long lasting color with high shine. The bristle design glides color on flawlessly, and quick dry formula gives perfect application every time. Key nutrients infused with Vitamin E for stronger, healthier nails.

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